8th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Jeju Island, Korea
October 4-8, 2004

Application of Voice Conversion to Hearing-Impaired Mandarin Speech Enhancement

Chen-Long Lee (1), Wen-Whei Chang (1), Yuan-Chuan Chiang (2)

(1) National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
(2) National Hsinchu Teachers College, Taiwan

This paper studies the application of voice conversion to hearing-impaired Mandarin speech enhancement. The system is based on the combined use of a sinusoidal analysis-synthesis model and a priori knowledge about Mandarin syllable phonetic structures. We propose a time-scale modification algorithm that finds accurate alignments between hearing-impaired and normal utterances. Using the alignments, spectral conversion is performed by a continuous probabilistic transform based on a Gaussian mixture model. Simulation results indicate that the proposed system can improve the intelligibility of hearing-impaired Mandarin speech.

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Bibliographic reference.  Lee, Chen-Long / Chang, Wen-Whei / Chiang, Yuan-Chuan (2004): "Application of voice conversion to hearing-impaired Mandarin speech enhancement", In INTERSPEECH-2004, 1829-1832.