Photos from AVSP '99

by Michael M. Cohen

Click on a picture for a larger copy.

The day before - all materials accounted for...

Ron and Jonas enjoy dorm food...

Food for thought

German Mafia

Kicking it off

Karen's goat cheese and fruit extravaganza

Local Barista's

Is my powerpoint working right?

Three Gentlemen of UCSC

Cigars in Santa Cruz?

Please come back for more science

Find Waldo

Read my lips

At Two Gentlemen of Verona...

AVSP Culture

Slaney Jr gets visual speech instruction...

Inverted face recognition

Tadoma Method

"Yale is a little school near Haskins"

Don't miss the redwoods

Development is a hard problem

BBQ - complete with cheerleaders...

Good grub...

Hey Jonas - how did your photos come out?

One of UCSC's hawks...

and its observer.

Dom & Ken - discussing model fitting, no doubt...

Now how do we get to The Mystery Spot?

Look at that sky!

A very small cell phone