ISCA Archive AI-MHRI 2018 Sessions Website Booklet
  ISCA Archive Sessions Website Booklet

FAIM/ISCA Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Multimodal Human Robot Interaction

Stockholm, Sweden
14-15 July 2018

Chairs: Gérard Bailly, Laura Hiatt, Kristiina Jokinen, Tatsuya Kawahara, Roger Moore, Elin A. Topp
doi: 10.21437/AI-MHRI.2018


Keynote: Elisabeth André (chair: G. Bailly)

Socially sensitive technologies (chair: E. André)

Cognition: mindreading and reasoning (chair: G. Bailly)

Keynote: Matthias Scheutz (chair: E. A. Topp)

Interaction frameworks (chair: M. Scheutz)

Data and AI technologies for HRI (chair: K. Jokinen)

Keynote: Amit Kumar Pandey (chair: K. Jokinen)

Robots and dialogue modelling (chair: A.K. Pandey)