ISCA Archive AQS 2003
ISCA Archive AQS 2003

Parameter-based speech quality measures for GSM

Marc Werner, Karsten Kamps, Ulrich Tuisel, John G. Beerends, Peter Vary

This contribution introduces non-intrusive instrumental speech quality measures for the GSM system based only on transmission parameters. The idea behind these measures is that parameters which quantify the transmission quality in terms of bit error rate, received power level, etc., may also be suitable to predict the resulting speech quality. Neither the original nor the received speech signal is needed for this kind of prediction. The proposed speech quality measures have been validated by extensive link-level simulations which are based on measurements of transmission parameters collected in a GSM-1800 network. Speech samples were produced by bit-exact transmission simulations using the measured link parameters for channel modelling. The reference speech quality assessments of these samples were carried out with the PESQ algorithm [4]. The correlation of the presented parameter measures with the intrusive PESQ measure is remarkable.

Cite as: Werner, M., Kamps, K., Tuisel, U., Beerends, J.G., Vary, P. (2003) Parameter-based speech quality measures for GSM. Proc. First ISCA Workshop on Auditory Quality of Systems, 29-34

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