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First Shared Task on Automatic Minuting at Interspeech 2021

4 September 2021

Chairs: Tirthankar Ghosal and Ondřej Bojar and Muskaan Singh and Anna Nedoluzhko
doi: 10.21437/AutoMin.2021

System Description Papers

Team ABC @ AutoMin 2021: Generating Readable Minutes with a BART-based Automatic Minuting Approach
Kartik Shinde, Nidhir Bhavsar, Aakash Bhatnagar, Tirthankar Ghosal

Team AutoMinuters @ AutoMin 2021: Leveraging state-of-the-art Text Summarization model to Generate Minutes using Transfer Learning
Parth Mahajan, Muskaan Singh, Harpreet Singh

Team Hitachi @ AutoMin 2021: Reference-free Automatic Minuting Pipeline with Argument Structure Construction over Topic-based Summarization
Atsuki Yamaguchi, Gaku Morio, Hiroaki Ozaki, Ken-ichi Yokote, Kenji Nagamatsu

Team JU_PAD @ AutoMin 2021: MoM Generation from Multiparty Meeting Transcript
Sarthak Pan, Palash Nandi, Dipankar Das

Team Matus and Francesco @ AutoMin 2021: Towards Neural Summarization of Meetings
Matúš Žilinec, Francesco Ignazio Re

Team MTS @ AutoMin 2021: An Overview of Existing Summarization Approaches and Comparison to Unsupervised Summarization Techniques
Olga Iakovenko, Anna Andreeva, Anna Lapidus, Liana Mikaelyan

Team Symantlytical @ AutoMin 2021: Generating Readable Minutes with GPT-2 and BERT-based Automatic Minuting Approach
Amitesh Garg, Muskaan Singh

Team The Turing TESTament @ AutoMin 2021: A Pipeline based Approach to Generate Meeting Minutes Using TOPSIS
Umang Sharma, Muskaan Singh, Harpreet Singh

Team UEDIN @ AutoMin 2021: Creating Minutes by Learning to Filter an Extracted Summary
Philip Williams, Barry Haddow

Team Zoom @ AutoMin 2021: Cross-domain Pretraining for Automatic Minuting
Felix Schneider, Sebastian Stüker, Vijay Parthasarathy


Overview Paper

System Description Papers