ISCA Archive CHiME 2020
ISCA Archive CHiME 2020

The STC System for the CHiME-6 Challenge

Ivan Medennikov, Maxim Korenevsky, Tatiana Prisyach, Yuri Khokhlov, Mariya Korenevskaya, Ivan Sorokin, Tatiana Timofeeva, Anton Mitrofanov, Andrei Andrusenko, Ivan Podluzhny, Aleksandr Laptev, Aleksei Romanenko

This paper is a description of the Speech Technology Center (STC) systems for the CHiME-6 challenge aimed at multimicrophone multi-speaker speech recognition and diarization in a dinner party scenario. We participated in both Track 1 and Track 2 and submitted our results for Ranking A as well as Ranking B for each track.

The soft-activity based Guided Source Separation (GSS) as a front-end and a combination of advanced acoustic modeling techniques such as GSS-based training data augmentation, multi-stride and multi-stream self-attention layers, statistics layer and SpecAugment, as well as the lattice-level fusion of acoustic models were applied in the 1st track system. Our system for Track 1 was in the top three systems, achieving 30% relative WER reduction over the baseline. Additionally, lattice rescoring with a neural language model was applied for Ranking B. Overall, this led to 34% relative WER reduction over the baseline in Track 1.

For Track 2, we proposed a novel Target-Speaker Voice Activity Detection (TS-VAD) approach to solve the diarization problem. Good diarization results made it possible to perform GSS on the obtained segments. TS-VAD is based on i-vector speaker embeddings, which are initially estimated using a strong diarization system based on spectral clustering of x-vectors. The back-end from the Track 1 system was used in the second track. The system for Track 2 demonstrated state-of-the-art performance, outperforming the baseline by 39% DER, 45% JER, 43% WER (Ranking A) and 45% WER (Ranking B) relative.

doi: 10.21437/CHiME.2020-9

Cite as: Medennikov, I., Korenevsky, M., Prisyach, T., Khokhlov, Y., Korenevskaya, M., Sorokin, I., Timofeeva, T., Mitrofanov, A., Andrusenko, A., Podluzhny, I., Laptev, A., Romanenko, A. (2020) The STC System for the CHiME-6 Challenge. Proc. 6th International Workshop on Speech Processing in Everyday Environments (CHiME 2020), 36-41, doi: 10.21437/CHiME.2020-9

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