ISCA Archive eINTERFACE 2005
ISCA Archive eINTERFACE 2005

Multimodal caricatural mirror

Olivier Martin, J. Adel, A. Huerta, Irene Kotsia, Arman Savran, Raphael Sebbe

This project aims at creating a multimodal ‘caricatural’ mirror, where users see and hear their own emotions amplified by an avatar, mimicking the user’s facial expressions and prosody using a wide screen and loudspeakers. The goal of the project is also to bring together researchers from various fields so as to build a whole system using everyone’s expertise. The main technical challenges include facial animation, automatic face tracking, automatic vocal and facial features extraction and multimodal emotion recognition and synthesis.

Cite as: Martin, O., Adel, J., Huerta, A., Kotsia, I., Savran, A., Sebbe, R. (2005) Multimodal caricatural mirror. Proc. Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces (eINTERFACE 2005), 13-20

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