Third European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Berlin, Germany
September 22-25, 1993


Normalized Vowel System Representation for Comparative Phonetic Studies

Philip Christov

EL-OS (Electronic Speech & Signal Processing) Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria

It this paper is proposed a normalized im relation to its centre of gravity two-formant graphic vowel systen representation for the purposes of the cross-language acoustic phonetic research. The formal reasonings are supported by normalized diagrams, in both Cartesian and polar coordinates, of the vowel systems of English, French, German and Spanish.

Keywords: speech representation, acoustic phonetics, speech acoustics, computer graphics, vowels, formants

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Christov, Philip (1993): "Normalized vowel system representation for comparative phonetic studies", In EUROSPEECH'93, 461-464.