Third European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Berlin, Germany
September 22-25, 1993


Wizard-Of-Oz and the Trade-Off Between Naturalness and Recogniser Constraints

Hans Dybkjaer, Niels Ole Bernsen, Laila Dybkjaer

Centre for Cognitive Informatics (CCI), Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark

The Wizard-of-Oz simulation technique has been used in the development of the dialogue model for a spoken language dialogue system. The paper focuses on the trade-off between system naturalness and the technological constraints imposed by the speech recogniser. The constraints enforce a strongly system-directed dialogue. Phrases and subjects influence the trade-off whereas voice distortion apparently does not.

Keywords: Spoken language dialogue systems, Wizard-of-Oz, dialogue model.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Dybkjaer, Hans / Bernsen, Niels Ole / Dybkjaer, Laila (1993): "Wizard-of-oz and the trade-off between naturalness and recogniser constraints", In EUROSPEECH'93, 947-950.