Third European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Berlin, Germany
September 22-25, 1993


Parallelising K-Means Clustering on Distributed Memory MIMD Computers

J. A. Elliott, M. E. Forsyth, F. R. McInnes, N. W. Ramsey

Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Two strategies are presented for the parallelisation of the k-means clustering algorithm on MIMD distributed-memory computers (multicomputers). The implementations are decribed in detail The advantages of each outlined.

Keywords: Speech recognition, VQ Codebook, k-means clustering, parallel processing

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Elliott, J. A. / Forsyth, M. E. / McInnes, F. R. / Ramsey, N. W. (1993): "Parallelising k-means clustering on distributed memory MIMD computers", In EUROSPEECH'93, 1627-1630.