ISCA Archive Eurospeech 1999
ISCA Archive Eurospeech 1999

Improving discourse management in TRIPS-98

Donna K. Byron

The discourse manager is the component of the TRIPS-98 system that maintains a list of candidate antecedents to be used for re-solving anaphoric referring expressions. The model currently implemented in the system is a monologue-based model of context that has a variety of limitations. This paper discusses changes to the underlying model to make it handle a much broader range of referring expressions. Some of these changes have already been implemented in the system and some are the subject of a long-term project.

doi: 10.21437/Eurospeech.1999-311

Cite as: Byron, D.K. (1999) Improving discourse management in TRIPS-98. Proc. 6th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (Eurospeech 1999), 1379-1382, doi: 10.21437/Eurospeech.1999-311

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