Sixth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Budapest, Hungary
September 5-9, 1999

Word and Syllable Concatenation in Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Eric Lewis (1), Mark Tatham (2)

(1) Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, UK
(2) Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

MeteoSPRUCE is a database of 2000 words re-lating to weather forecasting. While such a database is clearly not large enough to be definitive, its usability can be greatly extended by excising syllables from polysyllabic words in its inventory and recombining them to form new words [1], [2], [3]. The authors believe that it provides sufficient data to start to enable conclusions to be drawn as to how syllables should be modified for concatenation in contexts other than those in which they were recorded. A classification scheme for syllables, based on the class of their initial and final segments, has been defined and used to determine a set of rules for making modifications to syllables so that when concatenated the joins are perceptually not noticeable.

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Bibliographic reference.  Lewis, Eric / Tatham, Mark (1999): "Word and syllable concatenation in text-to-speech synthesis", In EUROSPEECH'99, 615-618.