Sixth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Budapest, Hungary
September 5-9, 1999

Whole Tunes, Nuclear and Pre-nuclear Patterns and Prosodic Features in the Perception of Interrogativity and Non-finality in Dutch.

Natalia Smirnova

Department of Phonetics, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

The paper deals with some aspects of production and perception of yes-no questions and non-final clauses in Dutch. The analysis of the prosodic characteristics of naturally produced utterances and the subjects’ responses obtained in the course a series of perception experiments with naturally produced and modified utterances yielded the following conclusions: · the identification of utterance type is to the largest extent determined by the presence of relevant prosodic cues in the nuclear accent · cues to utterance type in the pre-nuclear pattern appear to be used by listeners when the nuclear accent type allows of several possible interpretations · timing of the nuclear accent may be considered a relevant cue to utterance type, «early» vs. «late» rise accounting for «non-final» vs. «interrogative» preferences, «early» vs. «late» fall eliciting «statement» vs. «question/statement» reactions.

Full Paper (PDF)

Bibliographic reference.  Smirnova, Natalia (1999): "Whole tunes, nuclear and pre-nuclear patterns and prosodic features in the perception of interrogativity and non-finality in dutch.", In EUROSPEECH'99, 739-742.