Sixth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Budapest, Hungary
September 5-9, 1999

Hybrid Connectionist-Structural Acoustical Modeling in the ATROS System

M. J. Castro, F. Casacuberta

Departament de Sistemes Informátics i Computació, Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, Valéncia, Spain

In this paper, we introduce several hybrid connectionist-structural acoustic models for contextindependent phone-like units in the atros recognition system. The structural part of the acoustic models has been modeled with Markov chains, and a multilayer perceptron (or a committee of multilayer perceptrons) is used to estimate the emission probabilities of the Markov chains. We compare the recognition performance attained by these models with the performance obtained by classical continuous density hidden Markov models on a semantic restricted task.

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Bibliographic reference.  Castro, M. J. / Casacuberta, F. (1999): "Hybrid connectionist-structural acoustical modeling in the ATROS system", In EUROSPEECH'99, 1299-1302.