ISCA Archive ExLing 2006
ISCA Archive ExLing 2006

Acoustics of speech and environmental sounds

Susana M. Capitão Silva, Luis M. T. Jesus, Mário A. L. Alves

In this study we present a preliminary acoustic analysis of environmental sound stimuli, based on Gaver’s (1993) classification. Results showed similarities between sounds produced by objects with the same type of material and interaction. We also designed an experiment, where the subjects had to propose onomatopoeic representations for environmental sounds. The onomatopoeic representations used by the subjects shared common speech features (manner and place of articulation, and vowels used).

Cite as: Capitão Silva, S.M., Jesus, L.M.T., Alves, M.A.L. (2006) Acoustics of speech and environmental sounds. Proc. First ITRW on Experimental Linguistics, 221-224

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