ISCA Archive ExLing 2006
ISCA Archive ExLing 2006

Measuring synchronization among speakers reading together

Fred Cummins

It has been demonstrated that speakers are readily able to synchronize with a cospeaker when reading a prepared text together. The means by which a high degree of synchronization is attained are still unknown. We here present a novel measure of synchrony which allows us to follow the time course of synchronization among two speakers, based on the parallel acoustic signals. The method uses traditional framebased cepstral features and a slight variant on standard dynamic time-warping. We develop the method based on a novel corpus of synchronous speech, comparing its estimates of synchronicity with hand estimates. The method out-performs laborious manual estimation, and allows us to now begin to study the dynamics of synchronization among speakers.

Cite as: Cummins, F. (2006) Measuring synchronization among speakers reading together. Proc. First ITRW on Experimental Linguistics, 105-108

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