5th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Sydney, Australia
November 30 - December 4, 1998

The Research Project of Man-Computer Dialogue System in Chinese

Dinghua Guan, Min Chu, Quan Zhang, Jian Liu, Xiangdong Zhang

Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

This paper gives a brief introduction about the five-year research project of "Man-Computer Dialogue System in Chinese", which was supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The project is carried out in two steps. In the first step, research works undertook by several research groups separately on the core area such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, language understanding and dialogue organizing module. And in the second step, all techniques are assembled together to form a demo dialogue system of traveling information inquiry system. The current state of all above core areas and some evaluation results are discussed in the first part of this paper and the framework of the traveling information inquiry system is presented in the second part.

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Bibliographic reference.  Guan, Dinghua / Chu, Min / Zhang, Quan / Liu, Jian / Zhang, Xiangdong (1998): "The research project of man-computer dialogue system in Chinese", In ICSLP-1998, paper 0245.