ISCA Archive ICSLP 1998
ISCA Archive ICSLP 1998

User evaluation of the mask kiosk

Lori F. Lamel, Samir Bennacef, Jean-Luc Gauvain, Hervé Dartigues, Jean-Noel Temem

In this paper we report on a series of user trials carried out to assess the performance and usability of the MASK prototype kiosk. The aim of the ESPRIT Multimodal Multimedia Service Kiosk (MASK) project was to pave the way for more advanced public service applications with user interfaces employing multimodal, multi-media input and output. The prototype kiosk, was developed after analysis of the technological requirements in the context of users and the tasks they perform in carrying out travel enquiries, in close collaboration with the French Railways (SNCF) and the Ergonomics group at UCL. The time to complete the transaction with the MASK kiosk is reduced by about 30% compared to that required for the standard kiosk, and the success rate is 85% for novices and 94% once familiar with the system. In addition to meeting or exceeding the performance goals set at the project onset in terms of success rate, transaction time, and user satisfaction, the MASK kiosk was judged to be user-friendly and simple to use.

doi: 10.21437/ICSLP.1998-710

Cite as: Lamel, L.F., Bennacef, S., Gauvain, J.-L., Dartigues, H., Temem, J.-N. (1998) User evaluation of the mask kiosk. Proc. 5th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 1998), paper 0085, doi: 10.21437/ICSLP.1998-710

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