Sixth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing
(ICSLP 2000)

Beijing, China
October 16-20, 2000

A High-Efficiency Scheme for Secure Speech Transmission Using Spatiotemporal Chaos Synchronization

Jinyu Kiang, Kun Deng, Ronghuai Huang

Department of Electronics Beijing Noemal University, China

A high-efficiency scheme for secure speech transmision via computer networks is proposed. Two one-way coupled map lattice (OCOML) systems driven by a common driving sequence are synchronized. The chaotic signals of the space units of OCOML at the transmitter serve as the encryption keys and those at the receiver as the decryption keys. Each driving sample can drive the OCOML to generate many keys at the same time. The communication efficiency is enhanced significantly. An example of speech transmission is demonstrated.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Kiang, Jinyu / Deng, Kun / Huang, Ronghuai (2000): "A high-efficiency scheme for secure speech transmission using spatiotemporal chaos synchronization", In ICSLP-2000, vol.2, 222-225.