ISCA Archive ICSLP 2000
ISCA Archive ICSLP 2000

Cross-linguistic aspects of intonation perception

Veronika Makarova

This paper compares the perception strategies employed by the speakers of British English, Japanese and Russian in sentence type processing relying on prosodic clues. The paper reports the results of an experimental phonetic study investigating the effect of the manipulations of pitch and duration in a phonetically rising-falling contour on sentence type perception by the three groups of subjects. The results of the experiment indicate the existence of similar perception patterns and of a common threshold of declarative judgement across the three groups of listeners.

doi: 10.21437/ICSLP.2000-569

Cite as: Makarova, V. (2000) Cross-linguistic aspects of intonation perception. Proc. 6th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP 2000), vol. 3, 452-453, doi: 10.21437/ICSLP.2000-569

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