7th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

September 16-20, 2002
Denver, Colorado, USA

Robust Voiced-Unvoiced Decision Associated to Continuous Pitch Tracking in Noisy Telephone Speech

Mijail Arcienega, Andrzej Drygajlo

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

In this paper, a new algorithm for a robust voiced-unvoiced classifi- cation of frames in telephone speech is presented. This algorithm is associated to a continuous pitch contour extraction procedure based on a discrete logarithmic Fourier transform and a dynamic programing search as introduced in [1]. While the pitch extraction procedure is forced to find a pitch value for every frame, even in unvoiced regions, the algorithm presented in this paper is capable of making a robust voiced-unvoiced decision by using multiple features and twostate ergodic hidden Markov modeling (HMM).

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Bibliographic reference.  Arcienega, Mijail / Drygajlo, Andrzej (2002): "Robust voiced-unvoiced decision associated to continuous pitch tracking in noisy telephone speech", In ICSLP-2002, 2433-2436.