8th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Jeju Island, Korea
October 4-8, 2004

Chinese Text Word-Segmentation Considering Semantic Links among Sentences

Leonardo Badino

Loquendo S.p.A., Italy

Segmentation of Chinese input text into words is a necessary step to realize a Mandarin Chinese text-to-speech. Several word-segmentation algorithms were developed in which linguistic information are combined with statistical ones or with heuristic rules. In this paper we investigate in the advantages that can arise when semantic relation among sentences is taken into account during the word segmentation process. The algorithm we purpose shows how this kind of semantic information could improve the performances of a word segmentation algorithm.

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Bibliographic reference.  Badino, Leonardo (2004): "Chinese text word-segmentation considering semantic links among sentences", In INTERSPEECH-2004, 2209-2212.