8th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Jeju Island, Korea
October 4-8, 2004

Multi-Pitch Trajectory Estimation of Concurrent Speech Based on Harmonic GMM and Nonlinear Kalman Filtering

Takuya Nishimoto, Shigeki Sagayama, Hirokazu Kameoka

The University of Tokyo, Japan

This paper describes a multi-pitch tracking algorithm of 1-channel simultaneous multiple speech. The algorithm selectively carries out the two alternative processes at each frame: frame-independent-process and frame-dependent-process. The former is the one we have previously proposed, that gives good estimates of the number of speakers and F0s with a single-frame-processing. The latter corresponds to the topic mainly described in this paper, that recursively tracks F0s using nonlinear Kalman filtering. We tested our algorithm on simultaneous speech signal data and showed higher performance than when the frame-independent-process was only used.

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Bibliographic reference.  Nishimoto, Takuya / Sagayama, Shigeki / Kameoka, Hirokazu (2004): "Multi-pitch trajectory estimation of concurrent speech based on harmonic GMM and nonlinear kalman filtering", In INTERSPEECH-2004, 2433-2436.