8th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Jeju Island, Korea
October 4-8, 2004

European Initiatives to Promote Cooperation between Speech and Text Communities

Nicoletta Calzolari

CNR, Italy

I touch a few initiatives recently promoted in Europe - in particular within ENABLER, ELRA, and ELSNET - with the aim of strengthening the cooperation between the communities of Spoken and Written language processing, and of promoting a unified view of our sector. After highlighting the strategic and infrastructural role of language resources, I reflect on how we should proceed so that the global requirements of the multilingual information society can be met by the two fields together. Recommendations are provided towards the design of general strategies and an overall coordination for the field of LRs as a whole, critical to satisfy some of the requirements of the multilingual information society. This may become the new vision for LRs in the next years. My objective is to show the importance of a global strategy in EU and world-wide to achieve more coherent and useful results.

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Bibliographic reference.  Calzolari, Nicoletta (2004): "European initiatives to promote cooperation between speech and text communities", In INTERSPEECH-2004, 2889-2892.