10th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association

Brighton, United Kingdom
September 6-10, 2009

ZZT-Domain Immiscibility of the Opening and Closing Phases of the LF GFM Under Frame Length Variations

C. F. Pedersen, O. Andersen, P. Dalsgaard

Aalborg University, Denmark

Current research has proposed a non-parametric speech waveform representation (rep) based on zeros of the z-transform (ZZT) [1] [2]. Empirically, the ZZT rep has successfully been applied in discriminating the glottal and vocal tract components in pitchsynchronously windowed speech by using the unit circle (UC) as discriminant [1,2]. Further, similarity between ZZT reps of windowed speech, glottal flow waveforms, and waveforms of glottal flow opening and closing phases has been demonstrated [1,3]. Therefore, the underlying cause of the separation on either side of the UC can be analyzed via the individual ZZT reps of the opening and closing phase waveforms; the waveforms are generated by the LF glottal flow model (GFM) [1]. The present paper demonstrates this cause and effect analytically and thereby supplement the previous empirical works. Moreover, this paper demonstrates that immiscibility is variant under changes in frame lengths; lengths that maximize or minimize immiscibility are presented.


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Bibliographic reference.  Pedersen, C. F. / Andersen, O. / Dalsgaard, P. (2009): "ZZT-domain immiscibility of the opening and closing phases of the LF GFM under frame length variations", In INTERSPEECH-2009, 1099-1102.