16th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association

Dresden, Germany
September 6-10, 2015

Consonant Duration and VOT as a Function of Syllable Complexity and Voicing in a Sub-Set of Spanish Clusters

Mark Gibson (1), Ana María Fernández Planas (2), Adamantios Gafos (3), Emily Remirez (1)

(1) Rice University, USA
(2) Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
(3) Universität Potsdam, Germany

A series of hypotheses are addressed vis-à-vis the effects of syllable complexity and voicing on consonant duration and VOT (voice onset time) in a subset of Spanish clusters. Electropalatographic (EPG) and acoustic signals were obtained for native-speakers of Standard Peninsular Spanish producing clusters within and across word boundaries. The results show that VOT patterns for singleton onsets also hold for clusters, VOT in word-final devoiced stops and voiceless stops exhibit a short lag/long lag paradigm similar to German and English onset clusters, C1 duration in clusters is a function of voicing and place but not of syllable complexity, and the duration of /l/ in complex onsets is conditioned by the phonological specifications of the preceding consonant, but linguo-palatal contact is not. Combined results suggest an intimate relationship between the temporal parameters of gestures in onset clusters, but not across word boundaries, and that the temporal and spatial parameters of gestures in onsets, even though related, operate relatively independently from one another.

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Bibliographic reference.  Gibson, Mark / Planas, Ana María Fernández / Gafos, Adamantios / Remirez, Emily (2015): "Consonant duration and VOT as a function of syllable complexity and voicing in a sub-set of Spanish clusters", In INTERSPEECH-2015, 1690-1694.