International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) 2009

Tokyo, Japan
December 1-2, 2009

The GREYC Translation Memory for the IWSLT 2009 Evaluation Campaign: One Step Beyond Translation Memory

Yves Lepage, Adrien Lardilleux, Julien Gosme

GREYC, University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France

This year's GREYC translation system is an improved translation memory that was designed from scratch to experiment with an approach whose goal is just to improve over the output of a standard translation memory by making heavy use of sub-sentential alignments in a restricted case of translation by analogy. The tracks the system participated in are all BTEC tracks: Arabic to English, Chinese to English, and Turkish to English.

Full Paper     Presentation (pdf)

Bibliographic reference.  Lepage, Yves / Lardilleux, Adrien / Gosme, Julien (2009): "The GREYC translation memory for the IWSLT 2009 evaluation campaign: one step beyond translation memory", In IWSLT-2009, 45-49.