International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) 2009

Tokyo, Japan
December 1-2, 2009

The UOT System: Improve String-to-Tree Translation Using Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar and Predicate-Argument Structures

Xianchao Wu (1), Takuya Matsuzaki (1), Naoaki Okazaki (1), Yusuke Miyao (1), Jun'ichi Tsujii (1,2)

(1) Department of Computer Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
(2) School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM), Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, ,Manchester, UK

We present the UOT Machine Translation System that was used in the IWSLT-09 evaluation campaign. This year, we participated in the BTEC track for Chinese-to-English trans- lation. Our system is based on a string-to-tree framework. To integrate deep syntactic information, we propose the use of parse trees and semantic dependencies on English sen- tences described respectively by Head-driven Phrase Struc- ture Grammar and Predicate-Argument Structures. We re- port the results of our system on both the development and test sets.

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Bibliographic reference.  Wu, Xianchao / Matsuzaki, Takuya / Okazaki, Naoaki / Miyao, Yusuke / Tsujii, Jun'ichi (2009): "The UOT system: improve string-to-tree translation using head-driven phrase structure grammar and predicate-argument structures", In IWSLT-2009, 99-106.