International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) 2012

Hong Kong
December 6-7, 2012

Romanian to English Automatic MT Experiments at IWSLT12 (System Description Paper)

Ştefan Daniel Dumitrescu, Radu Ion, Dan Ştefǎnescu, Tiberiu Boroş, Dan Tufiş

Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Romanian Academy, Romania

The paper presents the system developed by RACAI for the ISWLT 2012 competition, TED task, MT track, Romanian to English translation. We describe the starting baseline phrasebased SMT system, the experiments conducted to adapt the language and translation models and our post-translation cascading system designed to improve the translation without external resources. We further present our attempts at creating a better controlled decoder than the open-source Moses system offers.

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Bibliographic reference.  Dumitrescu, Ştefan Daniel / Ion, Radu / Ştefǎnescu, Dan / Boroş, Tiberiu / Tufiş, Dan (2012): "Romanian to English automatic MT experiments at IWSLT12 (system description paper)", In IWSLT-2012, 136-143.