ISCA Archive IWSLT 2012
ISCA Archive IWSLT 2012

FBK@IWSLT 2012 - ASR track

Daniele Falavigna, Roberto Gretter, Fabio Brugnara, Diego Giuliani

This paper reports on the participation of FBK at the IWSLT2012 evaluation campaign on automatic speech recognition: namely in the English ASR track. Both primary and contrastive submissions have been sent for evaluation. The ASR system features acoustic models trained on a portion of the TED talk recordings that was automatically selected according to the fidelity of the provided transcriptions. Three decoding steps are performed interleaved by acoustic feature normalization and acoustic model adaptation. A final rescoring step, based on the usage of an interpolated language model, is applied to word graphs generated in the third decoding step. For the primary submission, language models entering the interpolation are trained on both out-of-domain and in-domain text data, instead the contrastive submission uses both "general purpose" and auxiliary language models trained only on out-of-domain text data. Despite this fact, similar performance are obtained with the two submissions.

Cite as: Falavigna, D., Gretter, R., Brugnara, F., Giuliani, D. (2012) FBK@IWSLT 2012 - ASR track. Proc. International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT 2012), 81-86

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