ISCA Archive L2WS 2010
ISCA Archive L2WS 2010


Rui Pedro dos Santos Correia

REAP.PT (REAder-specific Practice PorTuguese) is a tutoring system in the Computer Assisted Language Learning area that aims to teach vocabulary to students of Portuguese as a Second Language. REAP.PT is based on the importance of reading activities as a way to become proficient in a new language and, from the standpoint of the student, the learning method can be summarized in two main phases: text reading and question answering. REAP.PT innovates by using real texts (collected from the web) with the words that are being taught highlighted (questions about these target words are generated automatically, and are presented after each reading). Each text is classified according to topic and readability which allows the system to cross this information with the student's interests and level. An oral comprehension module provides the user with the possibility of synthesizing any word sequence, hearing audio books while seeing their text, and watching yesterday's broadcast news (audio plus video), in which each story is classified with topic and readability level, with an automatic text transcription on the side. REAP.PT also provides a teacher interface where, if in a class environment, the teacher can control and manage the students' interaction with the system.

Cite as: Correia, R.P.d.S. (2010) REAP.PT. Proc. Second Language Studies: Acquisition, Learning, Education and Technology (L2WS 2010), paper D2-4

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