ISCA Archive Larynx 1997
ISCA Archive Larynx 1997

Software system for pathological voice analysis

B. Boyanov, S. Hadjitodorov, Bernard Teston, D. Doskov

A software system (SSPVA) for pathological voice analysis using only the resources of a personal computer is proposed. The SSPVA is written on the basis of specific methods and algorithms for pathological voice analysis and allows evaluation of: 1) Pitch period (To); 2) Degree of unvoiceness; 3) Pitch perturbation and amplitude perturbation quotients; 4) Degree of stability of To generation; 5) Degree of dissimilarity of the shapes of pitch pulses; 6) Ratio {energy in the cepstral pitch pulse}-to-{total cepstral energy}; 7) Harmonics-to-noise ratio; 8) Degree of hoarseness; 9) Ratio low-to-high frequency energies; 10) Glottal amplitude quotient.

Cite as: Boyanov, B., Hadjitodorov, S., Teston, B., Doskov, D. (1997) Software system for pathological voice analysis. Proc. LARYNX 1997, 139-142

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