ISCA Archive Larynx 1997
ISCA Archive Larynx 1997

Laryngeal mathematical modeling and pathophysiologic implications

Ingo R. Titze

A summary and historical sketch of mathematical modeling of laryngeal function in phonation is given. First, the one-mass, two-mass, and multi-mass models are reviewed. The finite element approach is then described that solves the vibrational problem in terms of continuum mechanics. The result is a complete computation of the motion of vocal fold tissue, glottal air, and acoustic waves in the vocal tract. An update is given to show how complex vocal fold models (as well as simplified two or three mass models) can be used to predict the acoustic result of some vocal pathologies.

Cite as: Titze, I.R. (1997) Laryngeal mathematical modeling and pathophysiologic implications. Proc. LARYNX 1997, 59-64

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