Fifth International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA 2007)

Florence, Italy
December 13-15, 2007

Properties of the Cepstral Peak Prominence and Its Usefulness in Vocal Quality Measurements

C. A. Ferrer (1,2), M. S. de Bodt (2), Y. Maryn (3), P. Van de Heyning (2), Maria E. Hernández-Díaz Huici (1)

(1) Center for Studies on Electronics and Information Technologies, Central University of Las Villas, Santa Clara, Cuba
(2) Dept of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery & Communication Disorders, Antwerp University, Belgium
(3) Dept of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology, Sint-Jan General Hospital, Bruges, Belgium

Unlike many acoustic measures, Cepstral Peak Prominence (CPP) has shown consistently high correlations with subjective vocal quality ratings. However, this superiority of the CPP index is reported based on empirical results, with its theoretical advantages not always clearly stated. In this paper the properties of the CPP which makes it a good predictor for vocal quality are addressed, as well as how it differs from other measures. The reported experimental setups of the previous studies are analyzed, and reasons for the observed variability in the results are given. After this discussion, the clinical usefulness of CPP is addressed. This paper can be useful for researchers as well as for clinicians, in planning the experimental setup and interpreting the relevance of the results.
Index Terms. Cepstrum, vocal quality, breathiness, roughness

Full Paper (reprinted with permission from Firenze University Press)

Bibliographic reference.  Ferrer, C. A. / Bodt, M. S. de / Maryn, Y. / Heyning, P. Van de / Hernández-Díaz Huici, Maria E. (2007): "Properties of the cepstral peak prominence and its usefulness in vocal quality measurements", In MAVEBA-2007, 93-96.