ISCA Archive MIST 1999
ISCA Archive MIST 1999

Speech recognition in 7 languages

Ulla Uebler

In this study we present approaches to multilingual speech recognition. We first define different approaches, namely portation, cross-lingual and simultaneous multilingual speech recognition and present results in these approaches. In recent years we have ported our recognizer to other languages than German. Some experiments presented here show the performance of cross-lingual speech recognition of an untrained language with a recognizer trained with other languages. Our results show that some languages like Italian are per se easier to recognize with any of the recognizers than other languages. The substitution of phones for cross-lingual recognition is an important point and we compared results in cross-lingual recognition for different baseline systems and found that the number of shared acoustic units is very important for the performance.

Cite as: Uebler, U. (1999) Speech recognition in 7 languages. Proc. Multi-Lingual Interoperability in Speech Technology, 47-52

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