ISCA Archive Odyssey 2001
ISCA Archive Odyssey 2001

Robust speaker recognition using microphone arrays

Iain A. McCowan, Jason Pelecanos, Sridha Sridharan

This paper investigates the use of microphone arrays in hands-free speaker recognition systems. Hands-free operation is preferable in many potential speaker recognition applications, however obtaining acceptable performance with a single distant microphone is problematic in real noise conditions. A possible solution to this problem is the use of microphone arrays, which have the capacity to enhance a signal based purely on knowledge of its direction of arrival. The use of microphone arrays for improving the robustness of speech recognition systems has been studied in recent times, however little research has been conducted in the area of speaker recognition. This paper discusses the application of microphone arrays to speaker recognition applications, and presents an experimental evaluation of a hands-free speaker verification application in noisy conditions.

Cite as: McCowan, I.A., Pelecanos, J., Sridharan, S. (2001) Robust speaker recognition using microphone arrays. Proc. The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop (Odyssey 2001), 101-106

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