ISCA Archive Odyssey 2004
ISCA Archive Odyssey 2004

BECARS: a free software for speaker verification

Raphael Blouet, Chafic Mokbel, Hoda Mokbel, Eduardo Sánchez Soto, Gérard Chollet, Hanna Greige

The aim of Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV) is to detect whether a speech segment has been uttered by the claimed identity or by an impostor. Our contribution includes the distribution of BECARS , a free software based on Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) for Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV), and the design of a new methodology to estimate the decision score in an ASV system. BECARS in available at . The main characteristic of this software is to allow the use of several adaptation techniques including the most common ones such as Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) and Maximum Likelihood Linear Regression (MLLR). The proposed method for score computation is based on the use of a hierarchical Gaussian clusterization method that we describe in details in this paper.

We introduce this work with a general summary of Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV), followed by a description of the adaptation technique available in BECARS used in this work. We then present and evaluate our score computation scheme before concluding the paper.

Cite as: Blouet, R., Mokbel, C., Mokbel, H., Soto, E.S., Chollet, G., Greige, H. (2004) BECARS: a free software for speaker verification. Proc. The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop (Odyssey 2004), 145-148

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