ISCA Archive Odyssey 2004
ISCA Archive Odyssey 2004

NIST speaker recognition evaluation chronicles

Mark Przybocki, Alvin F. Martin

NIST has coordinated annual evaluations of textindependent speaker recognition since 1996. During the course of this series of evaluations there have been notable milestones related to the development of the evaluation paradigm and the performance achievements of state-of-the-art systems. We document here the variants of the speaker detection task that have been included in the evaluations and the history of the best performance results for this task. Finally, we discuss the data collection and protocols for the 2004 evaluation and beyond.

Cite as: Przybocki, M., Martin, A.F. (2004) NIST speaker recognition evaluation chronicles. Proc. The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop (Odyssey 2004), 15-22

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