ISCA Archive PQS 2010
ISCA Archive PQS 2010

A Layer Model of Sound Quality

Jens Blauert, Ute Jekosch

Sound-quality is a complex and multi-layered phenomenon [1]. When analysing or modelling the formation process of sound-quality judgements, a variety of quality elements and quality features [2] have to be taken into account, whereby the actual relevance and salience of each of them is situation dependent. In this paper, we present some ideas with the aim of structuring the quality-formation process into different layers according to the degree of abstraction involved. Depending on this degree, different sets of references and evaluation and assessment methods have to be employed.

doi: 10.21437/PQS.2010-4

Cite as: Blauert, J., Jekosch, U. (2010) A Layer Model of Sound Quality. Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems (PQS 2010), 18-23, doi: 10.21437/PQS.2010-4

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