ISCA Archive SCST 1990
ISCA Archive SCST 1990

Speech-training-system for the deaf

B. Bitzer, R. Domer

Up to now, the speech training of the deaf was mainly practiced under control of a hearing person. With the use of this automatic speech recognition system a flexible training in pronounciation is possible with considerably less supervision. The specification of the present project has been written in order to meet this specific requiement. The development of a modified speech recognition system should enclose some theoretical aspects of this field, while the main topics of the University of Paderborn are to optimize the application of commercial systems in different applications and to find out new arguments for the developement of future systems in practise.

Cite as: Bitzer, B., Domer, R. (1990) Speech-training-system for the deaf. Proc. ESCA Workshop on Speaker Characterization in Speech Technology, 53-57

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