ISCA Archive SCST 1990
ISCA Archive SCST 1990

Prosodic and segmental speaker variations

Gunnar Fant, Anita Kruckenberg, Lennart Nord

The purpose of our presentation is to make an inventory of knowledge developed at the KTH about speaker variabilities including findings from our more recent databank projects on text reading. We shall have something to say about male/female differences, voice source characteristics, and about prosodic and segmental features in connected speech. We also have some data of more general statistical nature such as pause durations, long time average spectrum, and about relative proportions of voiced and voiceless segments in speech.

Cite as: Fant, G., Kruckenberg, A., Nord, L. (1990) Prosodic and segmental speaker variations. Proc. ESCA Workshop on Speaker Characterization in Speech Technology, 106-120

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