ISCA Archive SIOA 1989
ISCA Archive SIOA 1989

The KTH speech database

Rolf Carlson, Björn Granström, Lennart Nord

In current acoustic-phonetic research, there is a need for large databases. There are considerable problems in administering such databases, both to transcribe and segment the speech and to easily access stored material. We have created a speech analysis system to attempt to alleviate these problems. Speech data are stored in sentence sized files. These files are segmented and transcribed semi-automatically given a phonetic transcription of the utterance. This transcription is generated by the text-to-phonetic component of our synthesis system. The same rule structure, similar to the notation used in generative phonology, is used for accessing the data. By a brief rule statement, speech segments meeting the specified contextual conditions can be identified. Durational data can be collected directly during the database search. Spectral analysis programs operating with a variety of spectral representations have also been created that display the result, typically as a mean/SD spectrum or as a contour histogram spectrum.

Cite as: Carlson, R., Granström, B., Nord, L. (1989) The KTH speech database. Proc. Speech Input/Output Assessment and Speech Databases, Vol.2, 75-78

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