ISCA Archive SLaTE 2009
ISCA Archive SLaTE 2009

Langofone - language learning in your pocket

Preben Wik

We demonstrate Langofone - a language learning system for mobile phones, developed by The Centre for Speech Technology at KTH, together with Luli Media group, and Sirocco. Langofone consists of three sections: PhraseBook: Listen to recordings of phrases, organized by topic into packages. Record your own attempts to say a phrase, send your recordings to the analysis server, and get feedback consisting of four individual scores and a weighted average. Quiz: Reading and listening comprehension on a list of phrases you would like to practice through multiple-choice questions Translate: An API to Google translate, allowing you to translate any word or sentence from and to 12 languages Langofone is compatible with approximately 90 per cent of all cell phones on the European market. Read more on

Cite as: Wik, P. (2009) Langofone - language learning in your pocket. Proc. Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE 2009)

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