ISCA Archive SLTDP 1993
ISCA Archive SLTDP 1993

Consumer-based electroacoustic hearing aid measures

Donald G. Jamieson, Todd Schneider

Commercial hearing aid measurement systems simplify standardized electroacoustic analyses for clinicians. However, these systems use test methods that may not accurately characterize the performance of non-linear and automatic signal processing hearing aids in real-life use. We have implemented a novel set of maximum-length sequence-based hearing aid tests that can better approximate the real-world performance of a hearing aid. Orienting these test methods to the hearing aid wearer provides measures that are "consumer-based."

Cite as: Jamieson, D.G., Schneider, T. (1993) Consumer-based electroacoustic hearing aid measures. Proc. Speech and Language Technology for Disabled Persons, 31-34

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