ISCA Archive SLTDP 1993
ISCA Archive SLTDP 1993

A multi-parameter speech training system

Hector Javkin, Norma Antonanzas-Barroso, Amitav Das, Nancy Niedzielski, Yoshinori Yamada, Norio Murata, Harry Levitt, Karen Youdelman

This paper describes a speech training system being developed for profoundly deaf children which takes speech information from a series of instruments and presents it in both technical displays and video games. The system has the capability for using text-to-speech for generating some model parameters for the children to follow.

Cite as: Javkin, H., Antonanzas-Barroso, N., Das, A., Niedzielski, N., Yamada, Y., Murata, N., Levitt, H., Youdelman, K. (1993) A multi-parameter speech training system. Proc. Speech and Language Technology for Disabled Persons, 137-140

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