ISCA Archive SMMD 1991
ISCA Archive SMMD 1991

An approach to oral dialogue modelling

Eric Bilange

This paper presents some results in oral dialogue management from the SUNDIAL project. This research is based on linguistics works in oral conversation and on important issues in computational linguistics. The theory is based on the thesis that discourse structure is made of several layers from the level of dialogue acts to the level of transactions.

This hierarchical definition relates discourse entities according to their motivation, which in turn provides a coherent and simple framework for interpretation and generation of utterances. Moreover, this model has been validated on a large corpus of simulated human-machine telephonic conversations. And also, it has been validated on fragments of other corpora concerned with other domains. The current implementation of this model already gives interesting results for tackling difficult problems in discourse in general, and also for dealing with speech understanding pitfalls. The implementation is language independent and is able to cope with two different domains and tasks. We show in this paper how the dialogue management is independent from the task management.

Cite as: Bilange, E. (1991) An approach to oral dialogue modelling. Proc. 2nd VENACO Workshop - The Structure of Multimodal Dialogue, 63-74

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