ISCA Archive SMMD 1991
ISCA Archive SMMD 1991

Whither the wizard?

Roger K. Moore, Mike J. Tomlinson

Even the simplest implementation of a speech-based system has a requirement for a clear understanding of how to structure an efficient and appropriate interactive dialogue between the application and the user. However, this requirement is heightened as the capabilities of the speech system are increased. Many speech technology research laboratories are now beginning to investigate the intimate relationship between speech and natural language processing in this context and it is becoming apparent that a useful methodology for developing the relevant technologies (including dialogue management) is the so-called 'Wizard of Oz' (WOZ) simulation in which human operators) substitute for part(s) of the intended fully automatic apparatus. This enables user behaviour to be studied under conditions which are not constrained by the limitations of current technological (or theoretical) capabilities.

Cite as: Moore, R.K., Tomlinson, M.J. (1991) Whither the wizard? Proc. 2nd VENACO Workshop - The Structure of Multimodal Dialogue, 17-18

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