ISCA Archive SMMD 1991
ISCA Archive SMMD 1991

Uncertainty, multiple modes and multiple sources

Tom Wachtel

The theme of this talk is that the quality of natural language systems will be greatly enhanced if the level of uncertainty of analysis is maintained in a proper manner. In particular, robustness will be made more tractable bv treating it as a general phenomenon of uncertainty management, in contrast to treating it as 4 task which requires more knowledge to be provided at a number of specific and potentially unrelated low levels (lexicon, syntax,,,).

Associated with this approach Is the need to apply a wider range of knowledge sources to the problems encountered in dialogue. Purely linguistic source of knowledge are essentially limited in that although they provide essential information about the form and structure of linguistic objects, they do not provide information about how those objects are used, and what purposes they are used for. The application of non-linguistic knowledge sources in a routine way may be able to provide information which can resolve problems hitherto considered to be of a purely linguistic nature.

Cite as: Wachtel, T. (1991) Uncertainty, multiple modes and multiple sources. Proc. 2nd VENACO Workshop - The Structure of Multimodal Dialogue, 57-60

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