ISCA Archive SPAC 1992
ISCA Archive SPAC 1992

Speech intelligibility in protective masks

Harry Hollien

Although the threat of unrestrained warfare appears markedly reduced, some of the prior military-related problems still exist. One such problem relates to a person's communicative efficiency when employing biological and chemical warfare protective clothing - especially CW masks. Intelligibility experiments were carried out on seven types of CW masks used by three countries - or proposed for use with NATO forces. Three types of speech were used: counting, word lists and connected discourse, as were three speaking conditions (normal, stress, noise); motor speech tests also were carried out as was frequency response of mask cavity. Data on general speech degradation are presented, as is information on the motor speech experiments. This research program was supported by the U.S. Navy.

Cite as: Hollien, H. (1992) Speech intelligibility in protective masks. Proc. ETRW on Speech Processing in Adverse Conditions, 61-64

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