ISCA Archive SPAC 1992
ISCA Archive SPAC 1992

Noisy tape recordings in forensics

Harry Hollien

Tape recordings are being employed in the forensics and crime management on a steadily increasing basis. They are used to provide a permanent record of surveillance, interrogations, telephone calls and so on. Of all the problems encountered in this area, those related to surveillance appear to be the most severe. Here, the use of body bugs and telephone taps can result in moderate to severe disruption of the speech signal; the source being channel/speaker distortions and their interactions. It is important to understand the basic and interactive effects of these behaviors, as well as the uniqueness of the forensic model. That is, traditional attempts at signal processing, no matter how elegant, are rarely robust enough to defeat these problems. Rather more complex remedies must be applied. A review of these problems will be presented; a more complete one may be found elsewhere.

Cite as: Hollien, H. (1992) Noisy tape recordings in forensics. Proc. ETRW on Speech Processing in Adverse Conditions, 167-170

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